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One Pager: Oaziz DAO

Seasons & Goals

Core Team

Design System


Oaziz obviously comes from the word “oasis”, which means a fertile land in a desert, providing a habitat for animals and plants. Historically, oases have been of critical importance for trade and transportation in desert areas. By managing oases’ land and water constantly and carefully, people grew plants and achieved a so-called “oasis effect” in the desert, with huge date palms, fruit trees (banana, orange etc.) and other plants growing.

About Oaziz DAO

In short, people used what nature gave them, upgraded and used it for the collective benefit of everyone traveling through the desert.

We believe that oases and their effect on the desert is very close to the core values of Web3 as well as our own. We want to build products that bring value and profit to everybody who’s using and contributing to them.

Oaziz tools will allow an event to issue its own tokens, sell tickets in the form of non-fungible tokens minted on the blockchain, hold NFT sponsorship auctions and more.

Core values

Co-ownership and co-governance of products by users is a priority standpoint for the products we are building at Oaziz DAO.


To build “fertile” Web3 products in the desert of Web 2.0, providing a new habitat for all users — decentralized, co-owned and co-governed by them, instead of centralized corporations.

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